Worship / Tech News

Two years have passed since Heartcry Chapel moved from a long-term rental facility in Kissimmee, Florida and transformed an auction house into a house of worship in Saint Cloud, Florida. We have entered into a new season of ministry and we are enjoying the blessings of God's faithfulness.

Currently, I am developing our leaders, ministries, and the functionality of ourĀ building.

Our Leaders:

I've created a planning team to design and develop special worship services during Christmas and Easter. I've slowly developed new worship leaders who can lead worship services and are capable of giving direction to our tech team.

Our Teams:

I am currently developing instrumentalists in our band and adding new vocalists on a regular basis. Over the last 2 years, I've implemented a more robust backing track system from LoopCommunity to support our team. This system helps thicken our sound and assists our team when we have team members on vacation. In addition, we heavily utilize Planning Center Online for scheduling and music distribution. Our growing edge in this season is developing greater depth and skill on our tech team. A mentoring process takes place on many Sundays to help people connect with our ministry.

Our Building:

Currently, we use the Luminair 3 DMX-controlled lighting system for our LED stage lights, but we are in the process of replacing and upgrading all house lights to connect with our iPad-controlled lighting system. In addition, we are designing a permanent camera station and tech booth to replace our temporary setup to enable a greater number of volunteers to serve and help equip them for ministry responsibilities.