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Currently, I'm beginning my 7th year of teaching music students in public education. I develop lesson plans and curriculum for students using various learning models and methods. I employ the music curriculum from Quaver Music for grades K-5. In addition, I create original music curriculum for grades 6-8 that focused on literacy and writing through evaluating song lyrics. offers an amazing and thorough curriculum that meets and exceeds Florida educational standards. It is highly engaging and uses cutting-edge technology that supports multi-sensory learning. The instructional design is highly developed and it connects with all students.

Garageband for iOS is a tool for creating music. Experimentation and collaboration create project-based learning tools for all students. In 2018, I produced two albums of instrumental loop-based student compositions. These were released on various online music services. Students created amazing compositions in class and we celebrated each student's creativity. Click Here to Learn More. is also a tool for creating music. Currently, I teach Middle School students how to write, record, and produce music using the latest online technology. I released an album of original student music using loops and personal recording techniques in May 2021. Click Here to Learn More.

Beyond using modern technology, I taught students how to play instruments in class, including the recorder. We've learned about the history of the recorder, how to read music in the treble clef, and basic recorder techniques. We have also performed at school events throughout the year.

I have held holiday concerts and various performances using vocal groups and various instrumental groups, including bucket drumming ensembles. I regularly supported grade-level assemblies and school-wide special events serving as a sound engineer and media specialist. It brings me joy to help children discover and develop their musical gifts and present these talents to be enjoyed and celebrated by everyone.